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Hey all, I wanted my first blog post to be about how and why I decided to come half-across the world from Japan to study in Germany, particularly in Munich. For starters I have always been very found of Europe and have visited a lot of places here such as France, Denmark, The Netherlands, Sweden, but Germany is a special place for me (no, it’s not about a girl) but about the welcoming spirit towards international students, the great education system and the amazing student life.

I love technology and science and that’s why back home I have studies Computer Science and always wanted to get my Master’s degree in Germany, particularly at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. Now LMU is the epitome of what I mean by great education system. It is one of the top universities in the world and the Europe’s most prestigious university. From here 34 Nobel laureates have studied or were associated with. Amongst them being Max Planck who originated the Quantum Theory – and me being a nerdfighter and science aficionado – I had to study at the place where one of the greatest physicist to have ever lived had studied and lectured.

Also the faculty of Computer Science is geared towards the top two percent of students of Computer Science and am lucky and humbled to be accepted to study here. My courses are all taught in English and I have to thank my parents for enrolling me in English courses since the 5th grade. This place is full of international students from all over the world, LMU is the second largest university in Germany with 15% of the students coming from different places in the world so I feel great among so many different cultures and people. Germans are so excepting of everyone, no matter where we are from or how new to the country we are.

Because of the low tuition fees I am able to live in my own flat and explore a lot of places in Munich. This place is vibrant and cosmopolitan and speending my student years here is short of amazing. This is another reason I would advice my fellow students from abroad to consider Germany, can you believe that I am paying for a world-class education for only 100 Euros a semester. Sure I have to pay for medical insurance, transportation, rent and such but at the end of the month I have enough left to travel and do activities I love such as going out, visiting museums (my favorites are the science museum and BMW World), watch new movies at the cinema, go crazy at the Oktoberfest (I’ll write more about this in another blog) and so much more. In other countries in Europe and North America like the USA and Canada I would have to spend a fortune for tuition and basic living costs with no money left for fun and leisure. The cost of living here is certainly comparatively low compared to other western countries and I feel that life here is generally safer than in the big cities of USA.

Another reason (and certainly not the last) for deciding to study in Germany is the future employability. Germany is one of the most strongest economies in Europe and it is driven by manufacturing and innovation, so jobs in engineering are not hard to come by. There is also a shortage of skilled workers in many fields of technology, science, IT etc. and that’s why I feel confident that if I decide to stay here for a few years I will have it easier then before to find a well paying job. Now, with the introduction and implementation of the Blue card, foreigners such as myself have it very easy to find a great job and work for amazing companies. BMW, Siemens, Audi, Adobe, Cisco, IBM, Microsoft, Allianz are just some of the many companies in Munich that I would love to be a part of and now that is becoming a reality.

Hope you enjoyed reading my blog and please leave a comment for your reasons on why you are studying in Germany or ask me anything if you are planing on coming here. Until the next blog post – sayonara.

02. July 2013 by Koyotie
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