Finding a Place to Live While Studying in Germany

Being accepted on your major field of study on college means a lot for you, but it isn’t over yet. Finding a place to live while studying is vital for every student. Some students may look for cheap accommodation while others give a great importance to the comfort and atmosphere of the place where they will spend 3-4 years of their lives. In Germany, there are a lot of great places where you can find a good living atmosphere. It is vital to make a good search before you decide for the right place.
Attention: Don’t make hasty decisions; make a good research for a place to live before moving to Germany. After you have found that place it is good to negotiate for your rent. If this process goes to fast, it may lead to high renting fees. In this article we will give some tips on how to find the best places to live while in Germany.

Dorm: Dorms are considered as a pretty good place to live, those who want to save money than this is the perfect combination of low rental rates and good accommodation. For those who think that living in a dorm is like living in your own house, sorry fellas, it’s not true. Dorms don’t have such comfort as private apartments. You may have to share your bathroom with 10 other peoples on your floor. Usually dorms are organized as small apartments where 3-4 students share the same kitchen, room, and bathroom together. Dorm is the cheapest accommodation.

Shared Flats: These types of accommodation are almost the same as Dorms, only the quality depends on the price. There is a range of different shared flats, from those with a high rent to those with a low rental cost. You can find shared flats for 2 peoples also shared flats for 6 peoples; it all depends on what you are looking for. The only problem on these types of places is that you have to share the kitchen and bathroom with your roommate. If your roommates are great peoples than shared flats are a great place to live while studying. So before you go with a share flat, try to see exactly with whom you will share the apartment. Good roommates can help you a lot but bad roommates can cause only stress.

Your Own Apartment: It is the most expensive options, renting your own apartment is the most comfortable option but yet the most expensive one. This is the perfect choice for those who have kids or family or for those with a partner. The quality of living is great but it all depends on the rental price. You will need a little luck to find a great place for a good price, in some places finding an apartment will be quicker than you think.

Rental Rates for Students in Germany: Rental rates in Germany depend from city to city, German student union has made a survey in 50 major German cities, and the average for renting a place to live per student is 224 Euro. But in large cities the difference between neighborhoods to neighborhoods are considerable. It is advisable to go in city area where many students live. Pay attention on what costs are covered by the rental payment and which are included as a separated cost. Usually, heating, gas and electricity costs are calculated as addition charges.

Finding the right place to live is vital for students. The place where you will spend most of your day must be comfortable. You can’t learn if the place isn’t comfortable. So do a deep research on this before deciding where to live while studying in Germany.

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