Amazing places to visit in Munich


By Pamela Gipson
I know I am not doing a justice to city like Munich with a list like this. By no means this is a all-inclusive list of all the places and attractions you can visit at this magnificent city, but these are just a few of the top of my head that I have visited or feel the need for others to know about.

BMW Welt

BMW World is a unique car attraction in Germany by one the best car makers in the world: BMW. I love BMW cars and that;s why I include the BWM World on the first spot of the list. Not only car enthusiast or those interested in engineering, but everyone will find this place amazing.

The Allianz Arena

Home of the FC Bayern Munich club, watching a game at the stadium with other 70000 soccer fans is not to be missed. Besides Bundesliga games, Championship League and other international games are played here and a cool thing about the stadium is that at night the light glow can be seen from far and it’s really beautiful. A truly modern stadium.


Living in Germany and not mentioning the Bavarian beer festival would be a crime. It is held every year in September/October at Theresienwiese grounds. Since the first Oktoberfest held in 1810 to celebrate a royal wedding it has become the world famous beer festival.

The English Garden

The English garden is one of the most beautiful and largest inner city parks in Germany. This amazing attraction has a great appeal all year long, but especial during the summer. Be sure to stop by the Chinese pagoda and have a German brew at the beer garden.


Marienplatz is the main square of Munich and is dominated by Gothic architecture, especially the New Town Hall with the great facade. This is the place to go shopping at the shopping malls and street markets. A place to relax at many restaurants, coffees and beer gardens.

Deutsche Museum

The Museum of Science and Technology is one of the kind of so many (around 4000) museums in Germany. You won’t get bored at this museum but instead learn so much, have tons of fun and surely leave informed and entertained.

The Olympic Park

The impressive Olympic Park that boasts around 850,000 square meters is not only a place for sporting events. There are flea markets, cultural events, concerts and community events.

Nymphenburg Palace

The Nymphenburg Palace is located west of Munich and is one of the largest castles in Europe. It was used as a summer house by the Bavarian monarchs. It is an impressive palace, with an baroque architecture and not to be missed.


This amazing Gothic cathedral know also as the Cathedral of Our Dear Lady or the “Dom zu unserer Lieben Frau” in German is a sight not to be missed and an unmistakable symbol of the city of Munich.

In Munich there are so many things to do, places to visit, traditional dishes to eat and of course try a homemade beer. This was just a collection of places worth to visit so make sure if you ever come to the great city of Munich to go there.

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