26 awesome apps for students (and anyone else)

I’m addicted to my smartphone I admit, I take the phone with me anywhere I go. At the same time I also download a lot of apps, try them out and what is not worth it, it goes to the trash bin… erm.. I mean they get un instaled.

So for your pleasure I compiled this list of top free and great apps that you should use. I divided the apps into different categories, and they all made it on my list because they affected me in a good way.


1. Wunderlist – One of the best and easiest way to manage and create to-do lists. Whether you are creating a grocery list, planning a weekend travel or study materials, this app for Android and iPhones will help you get things done.

2. Clear – Similar to Wunderlist, Clear is a to-do-list app that is easy, quick and simple to use. For iPhones.

3. Evernote – An easy-to-use free app that helps you stay organized across all devices. Evernote let’s you take notes, find and organize articles, photos, PDF’s from the web as well as record voice reminders. All your collections are organized into “notebooks” and searchable so you find whatever you need quick and easy.

4. Dropbox – With this app you can save files, photos, videos and sync them across all your devices as well as share stuff with others. It’s like having a virtual thumb drive.

5. Simplenote – as the name suggests Simple note is a simple yet powerful and great to use note maker app.

6. Pocket – Is a super savvy app, it lets you create and organize all your content you find in one easy place. It used to be called “Read It Later, but in this new form it is way better and cooler. Pocket does a great job of stripping websites to text only and saving them to your smartphone for offline reading.


7. Kindle – Read kindle books, newspapers, magazines, textbooks and PDF’s on a beautiful and easy-to-use interface. You’ll have access to millions of books in the kindle store.

8. Goodread – discover new books by your favorite authors, genres as well as what your friends have read. A large community with reviews, recommendations and “bookshelves” is perfect for every student.

9. iFormulas – With this app you can make your life and studying easier at classes such as Algebra, Calculus, Chemistry, Trigonometry etc. In the app you will find over 380 formulas, definitions etc.

10. Quick Graph – This is one of the best graphical calculators. It is a powerful, high quality calculator that can display explicit and implicit equations as well as inequities in 2D and 3D.

11. Wikipedia – Easy to find free app for anything you may come across during your studies or assignments. Access a plethora of knowledge shared for free.

12. Class Timetable: This app is a great companion for school and university classes. It let’s you keep track of classes of your weeks schedule and is great way to manage your weekly schedule.


13. Kayak – With this application you can access thousand of popular travel sites to read guides, find accommodation and compare flights. Find the right flight, the perfect hotel, and even manage your whole travel itinerary with this app.

14. XE Currency – This application is sleek, easy to use and best of all – free. It uses live data so you can be sure all information is correct. It supports virtually all the world currencies so no matter what place you might find yourself at the XE app will have you covered for the money exchange rate needs.

15. Weather Channel App – All the info you need to know about weather, anyway you want it. This application is available for Android and iOS phones and it’s free. One of the most popular weather applications to date, with a beautiful and very easy to use interface.

16. TripIt – TripIt is a travel itinerary organizer and manager app. Store all your plane tickets, hotel booking, car rentals and anything to plan your trip in one master online itinerary.

17. SeatGuru – This application will help you find the perfect place you want to travel on a plane. Airlines can’t be trusted with your seat arrangement as they will change places at the last minute depending on their clientèle.

18. Field trip – With Field Trip app on your smartphone it is like having your own tour guide or a know-it-all local that will show you all the hidden and unique places and attractions that you surely would miss if you did find yourself to a new city by your own.


19. Instagram – What the point of taking all the beautiful and amazzing pictures of the cool places you visit if they are gonna stay in your memory card. Get Instagram, the app that will let you share your view of the world with everyone.

20. Viber – With app you can talk and text for free with anyone on the world as long as you have an interent connection. It is great for staying in touch with friends and family back home as well as colegues.

21. WhatsApp – The ost popular instant mesaging app, you can text and chat with all your contact for free. Just load the app and it willl show you all your friends who are using WhtaApp with just converting your contact list phone numbers.

22. PicsArt – Discover your inner artist is the slogan of the app and is not far from the truth. Than get this app that will turn your phone into an all-in-one professional photo editor.

23. Flickr – Get this app to share your photos with world, discover new ones and with the re-launch of the site comes a new beautiful app and 1 Terabyte of free space. With tons of features, filters and the community this is one great app.


24. TempleRun – This is a great infinte running game. You have four characters to run with and as long as you dodge obstacles and not fall you complete challenges. A great app when you are on the train or have some free time to kill.

25. Lazors – On this game you have to move blocks in a certain way so that they enable the lasers to get out and complete a level. This app is really beautiful, slick interface and cool sound effects. You can see the creators have put a lot of though on the design of the game.

26. Angry Birds – You have all heard of the game Angry Birds and that’s why I will not describe it. It’s great to have some fun while you are waiting for someone.

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  1. Hi, I can also recommend HUGLR as a way to stay in touch with your family and fill them in on all the news, pics etc while you are away. It lets you chat and post pictures in a private environment.

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